12 November 2009, Berlin

Information Session on the Argentine Dictatorship Trials

12 November 2009, 12:00 am

The legal proceedings in Argentina are unprecedented. For the second time since the dictatorships trials of 1984-85, and after years of impunity, large scale criminal proceedings will take place against members of the military dictatorship, which reigned from 1976-1983. The German Coalition Against Impunity (est. 1998), in collaboration with other human rights organizations, has fought to hold the military accountable. In 2003 the Nuremberg court issued a warrant for the arrest of former Argentine dictator Videla for the murder of German citizen Elisabeth Käsemann (killed in 1977). Human rights lawyer Rodolfo will talk about the progress of the case, and the obstacles facing human rights cases in Argentina. He will focus on those cases with German victims, including the EPMA method (which victimized Adriana Markus, Arin Delacourt, among countless others), the case against Rovere on behalf of Nora Marx, and the various procedures on the murder of Ms. Käsemann. Finally, Miriam Saage-Maaß will discuss the status of the Argentine cases on missing Mercedes-Benz  trade union workers.


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