Institute for Legal Intervention


ECCHR's human rights work covers much more than just the mere application of current law. The law is an expression of social power relations and therefore an instrument of power. We use the emancipatory potential of law in order to unmask unjust power relations and enforce social justice. To go beyond the individual cases, we tread new paths. Our goal is to change or re-create legal norms in the spirit of global justice. The Institute for Legal Intervention expands the individual case oriented strategic litigation. Through the Institute we aim to initiate and foster legal and social debates: through our training program for lawyers – that we could create and expand since 2012 thanks to the generous support of the Bertha Foundation – through the international exchange as well as through transnational cooperation with partner lawyers, partners and through the cooperation with universities and research institutions and through the dialogue with artists and activists.

Education Program

The education and training of future human rights lawyers are part of the ECCHR's organizational philosophy. The curriculum of the Legal Training Program provides young lawyers with critical perspectives and contextualises the practical experience gained from the individual cases.

Transnational Exchange

The exchange in transnational networks, with partner lawyers and with partner organizations worldwide is a natural prerequisite for our work. The Bertha Justice Network and the cooperation with ECCHR alumni play a special role in this work.

Cooperation with Universities

ECCHR wants to develop the law and its interpretation through an academic dialogue with experts and institutes. In order to promote the critical discourse, we cooperate on different levels with universities and research institutions from around the world.

Dialogue with cultural and social movements

Projects that combine law, art and activism are an integral part of ECCHR's work. The interdisciplinary dialogue and cooperation with social movements and artists offer a special opportunity to reach people and to sharpen their eyes for injustice.