Pestcides - India - Syngenta

OECD complaint against Syngenta admitted

On 15 December, the Swiss OECD Contact Point accepted the complaint that affected families from India, ECCHR and international partners had filed against Syngenta, detailing alleged pesticide poisonings with Syngenta’s product Polo. The contact point thereby paved the way for mediation proceedings.

Indian farmer applies pesticide – without protective clothing © Public Eye / Atul Loke / Panos Pictures

UK - War crimes - Iraq

International Criminal Court ends examination

After more than six years, the International Criminal Court closed its examination on war crimes by UK forces in Iraq. The decision from 9 December reveals systematic failures of international justice – and proves, once again, that powerful Western actors can get away with torture.

Detainees at UK Battle Group Main Headquarters, Basra, August 2003 © Photo: Baha Mousa Public Inquiry (Crown copyright protection)

Yemen - War crimes - Europe

Stop arms exports to the war in Yemen


European weapons are used to fuel the war in Yemen. Back ECCHR’s call to investigate European companies’ and states’ liability for war crimes in Yemen – and demand that your government immediately ban these murderous exports. Sign our petition now.

Header Kampagne Yemen

Croatia - Push-backs - Bosnia

Brutal push-backs in Croatia: Complaint to UN Human Rights Committee

The UN Human Rights Committee registered and communicated a Syrian refugee’s complaint against Croatia on 11 December. The young man had crossed the Croatian-Bosnian border in 2018/19 to escape the inhuman conditions in Bosnian refugee camps. However, he was pushed back by the Croatian police – repeatedly, brutally, and without consideration of his individual case. ECCHR supports his complaint to the UH HRC.


The struggle for a COVID-19 vaccine

Social human rights have priority over intellectual property

The global human right to health must trump intellectual property protection. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called potential COVID-19 vaccines a global common good. But the German government still disregards its international human rights obligations. In its new statement, ECCHR argues that globally applicable human rights standards must inform German politics – not pharmaceutical companies’ profit interests or a selfish “first come first serve” mentality that only benefits one’s own population.

Syria - Torture - Germany

Al-Khatib trial in Germany

ECCHR trial updates

In April, the first trial worldwide on state torture in Syria started in Germany. The defendants are Anwar R and Eyad A, two former officials of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s General Intelligence Service. ECCHR supports 17 torture survivors in the proceedings. Read our trial reports here.