Event: 29 May 2018 in Vienna

Torture in Syria: How can Austria help investigate and prosecute international crimes committed by Syrian Intelligence Services?

Austria should follow Germany, Sweden, and France and open investigations into torture in Syria. To this end, survivors of torture in Syria together with ECCHR and its Syrian and Austrian partners will file a criminal complaint with the federal prosecutor in Vienna. On 29 May 2018 we will present this legal intervention in Vienna.

New publication

ECCHR Annual Report 2017

Our latest annual report documents 31 cases we are litigating and the partners we work with, the legal strategies and policy aims underpinning our casework. The report is illustrated with pictures by Syrian artist Hamid Sulaiman.

Annual Report Cover quer

USA – Torture – Gina Haspel

CIA deputy director should not be promoted but prosecuted

On 9 May, Gina Haspel, nominee for CIA Director, had to face a confirmation hearing before the US Senate. Haspel played a key role in overseeing the torture of detainees while she was stationed at a CIA secret prison in Thailand. For that, she should face prosecution. ECCHR presented the German Federal Public Prosecutor with a dossier on Haspel in June 2017. This information supplements the criminal complaint submitted in 2014 against the 'architects' of the US torture program.

10 Years ECCHR - Snowden - Video

Edward Snowden reflects on ECCHR's work

Yemen - War crimes - RWM Italia

Is Europe complicit in deadly Saudi-coalition airstrike in Yemen?

In October 2016 an airstrike allegedly by the Saudi-led military coalition in Northwest Yemen killed a family of six. At the site of the airstrike bomb remnants were found, and a suspension lug manufactured by RWM Italia S.p.A., a subsidiary of the German Arms Manufacturer Rheinmetall AG. To uncover the contributing role of Italian actors in the airstrike, on 17 April 2018 ECCHR filed a criminal complaint in Italy.

10 Years ECCHR - Video

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