ECCHR demands adequate support for injured Egyptian demonstrators

Egypt – Arab Spring – Protests

ECCHR has appealed to five UN special rapporteurs on behalf of two injured demonstrators who were shot by security forces during the Egyptian protests in spring 2011. ECCHR is calling for adequate support to be given to the men and their families in compliance with their basic human rights.

These two cases represent the multitude of individuals who were injured in the protests, currently thought to be around 8,000 people. A large number of those affected suffered severe shot wounds for which they did not receive sufficient treatment, leaving them unable to work. As a consequence, they now suffer from persistent health problems and have little access to basic services.


A and T were shot at by Egyptian security forces during demonstrations at the end of January and start of February. Until recently, they were being treated for their injuries in Germany.

As a result of shots to his face, A has lost most of his sight. T’s left shoulder was shattered after he was targeted by a sniper. Both men are trying to pursue cases in Egypt and are participating in the current investigations against, among others, the former Minister of the Interior and ex-President Mubarak.


ECCHR has submitted communications to the UN Special Rapporteurs for Freedom of Opinion and Expression, Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association, Physical and Mental Health, Torture, and Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions. The rapporteurs should apply pressure on the interim government in Egypt, calling on them to provide unbureaucratic and prompt reparations to those injured in demonstrations.

Thousands of those injured by shots from the Egyptian security forces are yet to receive the necessary compensation and rehabilitation. The transition process in Egypt requires broad international attention and observation if it is to meet minimum international standards and guarantee fundamental basic and human rights.

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UN Special Rapporteur

UN Special Rapporteurs are appointed by the UN to work on a specific mandate.

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