Annual report

ECCHR 2023 Annual Report

Annual report

The recent dispute over an EU-wide supply chain law exemplifies just how easily universal human rights can be sacrificed to the interests of the few. Even though this decisive vote was ultimately won by a narrow margin, the fight for corporate responsibility continues. The main sections of this annual report shed light on the kind of opposition we must be prepared for, as well as how we can work to overcome it.

In light of innumerable wars and armed conflicts across the globe, the question of what we as a human rights organization must do to help bring about urgent change has become more than pressing than ever. Many of our partners literally have to risk their lives when they demonstrate against dictators, support refugees and migrants at Europe’s external borders, or stand up against the consequences of the climate crisis. Their experiences teach us that human rights must be defended, advanced and claimed again and again. This demands perseverance, collective action, and – in no small part – our solidarity.  

We would appreciate if you could take the time to read our annual report and discover what we achieved in 2023 – which is also thanks to your support.

The work of Argentinian artist Julia Mensch accompanies this annual report.