What motivates us

Protecting human rights

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) stands for lived solidarity across geographical, social and cultural borders. International crimes, such as torture, sexualized violence, genocide and war crimes, have to be resolved and prosecuted. Not only direct perpetrators, but also their superiors – politicians, military and intelligence services officials – have to be put on trial.

Political power is all too often prioritized over law and justice. Torture is prohibited in most countries of the world, slavery is said to have ended – nevertheless people around the world are abused by militaries and exploited by multinational corporations on a daily basis.

Companies are responsible for the implementation of human rights, this is not a question of voluntary diligence. Corporations, their subsidiaries and suppliers, who put their own profit before human rights, who displace, exploit or endanger the lives of people have to be held legally liable.

Persons fleeing from war, poverty and misery have more than just a right to protection. Migrants and refugees have the basic right to have rights, and to stand up for them.

ECCHR has been investigating human rights violations worldwide since 2007 and uses legal means to counter injustices. The exemplary cases chosen by ECCHR are therefore always aimed at making political, economic and legal shortcomings visible.