Delphine Rodrik

Border justice

Delphine Rodrik completed her law degree at Harvard University, USA, where she previously completed her bachelor’s degree in history and literature. She worked as research fellow with Amnesty International in Tunisia, documenting human rights violations against migrants and refugees in North Africa. She has relevant experience working in the United States, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, and Mexico on international human rights, humanitarian, and migration law issues. Since September 2021, she is a Bertha Justice Fellow challenging push-backs and border rightlessness in ECCHR’s Border justice team.

Academic article

Accessing borders, accessing justice? The European Court of Human Rights’ jurisprudence on pushbacks at land borders

Blog post

Rightlessness in Melilla: Pushbacks as violations of the right to recognition before the law

Academic article

Rights Not Recognized: Applying the Right to Recognition as a Person before the Law to Pushbacks at International Borders

Academic article

Solidarity at the Border: How the EU and US Criminalize Aid to Migrants