Sigrun Matthiesen

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Sigrun Matthiesen

Sigrun Matthiesen holds an MA in journalism and has worked in ECCHR’s Media and Communications department as a communications and press officer since November 2023. For more than 20 years, she has been working as a freelancer for various organizations and media outlets, most recently for the critical economic monthly OXI – Wirtschaft anders denken. Other clients include: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, the TV production company docland, the charity Johanniter, and the demographic research network  Population Europe. In the 1990s, parallel to her studies in journalism at Dortmund University, she worked as an editor for the weekly local newspaper Hamburger Rundschau and the street magazine Hinz&Kunzt. Later, she was an editor for the TV station premiere. For arte and other public networks, she has directed several documentaries and reportages in Germany as well as abroad.

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