How we work

Enforcing human rights through legal means

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) initiates, develops, and supports high-impact, strategic human rights litigation to hold state and non-state actors accountable for the violations of the rights of the most vulnerable. ECCHR works on cases that illustrate and highlight important legal and social problems, recognizing that human rights violations are committed in specific contexts with a view to achieving certain financial, social, military or political goals.

The chance of a legal win in a case is only one of the factors we use in deciding which cases to litigate. We want to address criminal acts committed by governments, state actors and corporations and help enforce the rights of those affected by human rights violations, but we also want to expose and highlight structural injustice. We seek justice not just for some of the individuals affected, but for all those who suffer a similar fate. This is the overarching goal of our work.

ECCHR actively litigates cases and but also researches, investigates, and helps to coordinate the development strategies of legal advocacy around cases.

Training, transnational networking and collaborative learning are at the heart of ECCHR's Critical Legal Training. To ensure the future of progressive human rights work, we take part in an ongoing learning process together with young lawyers participating in our Critical Legal Training.