Mirka Fries

Mirka Fries

International Crimes and Accountability

Mirka Fries studied German and International Law (LL.B.) in Münster and Potsdam (Germany), as well as international criminal law and human rights law (LL.M.) in Amsterdam and New York. After her bachelor's degree, she worked at the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. She gained further professional experience working with human rights organizations focused on children's rights, victims of sexual violence and refugees. Before joining  ECCHR, Mirka Fries worked as a Mercator Fellow focusing on legal and political questions arising in the context of the recruitment and use of child soldiers e.g. in Uganda. From February until July 2018, she joined ECCHR as a legal trainee. In autumn 2018, she joined ECCHR's International Crimes and Accountability program as a Bertha Justice Fellow.

Inferno im Paradies: Fehlende Aufarbeitung von Kriegsverbrechen und deren Folgen

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