Andreas Schüller

Program Director International Crimes and Accountability

Andreas Schüller

Andreas Schüller is the director of the International Crimes and Accountability program at ECCHR. Since 2009, he has worked at ECCHR on such issues as drone strikes, the US torture program, abuses committed by British soldiers in Iraq, as well as international crimes in Syria, Sri Lanka, Colombia and the Ukraine. He is active throughout Europe in national criminal proceedings based on the principle of universal jurisdiction, as well as in the International Criminal Court and the European Court of Human Rights. In publications and lectures, he focuses on international criminal law and the protection of human rights from a critical, civil-society perspective. He studied law in Trier, Germany, and Orléans, France, received his LL.M. from the Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands, with an emphasis in international criminal law, and is licensed to practice law in Berlin.

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