Litigating Drone Strikes

ECCHR’s newest publication “Litigating Drone Strikes: Challenging the Global Network of Remote Killing” documents a conference hosted by ECCHR in October 2016 on the impact of drone attacks on law, warfare and society. The publication presents contributions from international political and legal experts on the background and consequences of the global drone wars.

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Make Way for Justice #3: Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review 2017

Universal jurisdiction has gathered unprecedented momentum in 2016. In this annual report, ECCHR and its partners FIBGAR, FIDH, REDRESS and TRIAL International look back on its application through 47 recent cases. To illustrate this breadth the organisations release their joint annual report on universal jurisdiction, Make way for Justice #3.

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Liability of Social Auditors in the Textile Industry

Disasters ranging from the factory fires at Ali Enterprises in Pakistan and Tazreen in Bangladesh to the collapse of the Rana Plaza building have, tragically revealed a number of flaws in the current practice of private certification: independent and diligent audits seem rare and require, at best, a sort of »checklist compliance.« Ultimately, certificates generate a high level of trust while incurring almost no legal risk.

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