Annual report

ECCHR Annual Report 2018

Annual report

"This is the ethos of practice: in a world that is bad, doing something that is yours and good and having a bad conscience about it because it is only small and piecemeal, and the world stays bad." When Bernhard Schlink uttered these words at the 10-year anniversary of ECCHR in April 2018 in Berlin, he said exactly what many of us were thinking.

It is not easy to be confronted on a daily basis with the problems and the violence in our world and not to despair. There are indeed many setbacks. Apart from the states that have been violating human rights for a long time – like Russia, China, Turkey or the Philippines – now European states are flagrantly violating the rights of those most vulnerable, the migrants, those who are trying to escape from war and unbearable economic situations in their home regions.

This Annual Report is illustrated with works by Argentine artist Marcelo Brodsky.