Annual report

ECCHR Annual Report 2014

Annual report

To date no politician or army officer from a Western state has ever been tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC). It was therefore a great milestone when the Chief Prosecutor at the ICC announced in May 2014 that she would be launching criminal investigations into UK torture of detainees in Iraq following a criminal complaint by ECCHR.
Transnational corporations are another group very rarely held accountable for their role in human rights violations. All the more reason to welcome the news that our legal brief on the liability of pharmaceutical companies for drug trials played a role in the Indian Supreme Court’s decision in August 2014 to demand submissions from drug firms GlaxoSmithKline and Merck on the controversial trial vaccinations of 24,000 girls.
In these cases our interventions have shown swift results. Other proceedings require long-term groundwork and a whole series of smaller legal steps. All of this is documented in the annual report, which recaps and reflects on our cases and projects from 2014.
The 2014 Annual Report is illustrated with images by artist Nghia Nuyen. Nuyen's exhibition "Secret of Return" was on display at ECCHR in 2014.