87 | February 2023

Climate Litigation. Border Justice. Atrocities In Gambia.


Climate justice took center stage at the COP27 conference last fall, highlighting the disproportionate effects of global heating – past, present and future – on different regions of the world. Many of those who (will) suffer most from climate devastation have done virtually nothing to cause it. And, on the flip side, a subset of economic actors and industrialized countries – so-called "Carbon Majors" – bear an outsized portion of the blame for the climate peril now facing the world.

ECCHR is supporting the climate litigation efforts of four Indonesian island residents – whose home is existentially threatened by rising sea levels – against the Swiss cement firm Holcim. As the second lawsuit of its kind from the Global South against a Carbon Major, their complaint resonates with the plight of millions who live on islands or in low-lying coastal regions that face similar climate dangers.