Annual report

ECCHR Annual Report 2015

Annual report

ECCHR uses the law to fight for a world free from torture, oppression and exploitation. We make use of new and established legal tools to bring human rights violations to light and bring those responsible before the courts.
This work is documented in our new annual report. The report offers an overview of ECCHR’s cases, both new and longstanding. It also describes and reflects on some of the milestones of our work from 2015.
Once again we have been breaking new legal ground. We are helping refugees and migrants to enforce their right to have rights and we are using legal tools to hold transnational corporations liable for their unlawful practices in the sale of pesticides in the Global South.
We also keep fighting tenaciously in those cases that take many years of work before any breakthrough. We were pleased to hear last year that former Guantánamo commander Geoffrey Miller was called to give evidence before a French court in a case we have been working on for some years. The ECCHR-supported lawsuit brought by survivors of a factory fire in Pakistan against German clothes company KiK is currently making its way through the German courts and is increasingly discussed in the ongoing legal and political debates on working conditions in global supply chains.
The 2015 Annual Report is illustrated with photographs by mexican artist Víctor Jaramillo. His exhibition "Cuba - Definitions for an Island" was on display at ECCHR in 2015.