Regional court (Germany)

In Germany, regional courts (Landgericht) are the court of first instance in cases of crimes and serious misdemeanors which are liable to involve a sentence of over four years’ imprisonment (though cases of homicide are dealt with by another court known as the Schwurgericht). In civil law cases, regional courts are responsible for all cases involving claims of over 5,000 euro which are not referred on to a district court known as the Amtsgericht. Regional courts are also courts of second instance for appeals against decisions of the Amtsgericht in criminal and civil cases (apart from family court issues).


Colonia Dignidad remains a dark chapter of German legal history

Colonia Dignidad

Colonia Dignidad, founded by a German named Paul Schäfer in 1961, was a fortress-like German settlement in central Chile where grave human rights violations were committed over several decades. The former doctor of the Colonia Dignidad, Hartmut Hopp, should face prison in Germany.


Brutal police operation in Mexico: German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch responsible

Arms exports

In February 2019, the Regional Court in Stuttgart (Germany) convicted employees of the arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch in a case concerning the shipment of rifles to Mexico. The court investigated whether, between 2006 and 2009, Heckler & Koch illegally sold Type G36 rifles to the Mexican police.


KiK: Paying the price for clothing produced in South Asia

Textile industry

Transnational corporations responsibilities also extend to the working conditions in their subsidiary and supplier companies abroad. This position is supported by survivors and relatives of victims of the fatal fire at the Ali Enterprises textile factory in Karachi. Together with ECCHR, they filed a legal action for compensation against KiK.