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Command responsibility

In international criminal law, the principle of command responsibility allows for commanders to be held criminally liable for crimes committed by their subordinates. This will apply if the commander was in a position to prevent crimes committed by forces under their effective control and knew or should have known that the crime would be committed.

cases (5)

  • Argentina – Military dictatorship – Ledesma

    Involvement of Ledesma sugar company in crimes of Argentine military dictatorship

  • Bahrain – Arab Spring – Torture

    Alleged crimes against humanity in Bahrain: Serious investigations must be initiated

  • Bahrain – Torture – Attorney General

    Torture allegations against Bahraini Attorney General

  • Democratic Republic Congo – Armed conflict – Sexual and gender-based violence

    Groundbreaking trial in Germany

  • Colombia – Peace process – Transitional justice

    Amicus curiae brief on command responsibility in Colombia’s Special Jurisdiction for Peace