German Federal Public Prosecutor

The Office of the German Federal Public Prosecutor (Generalbundesanwaltschaft, GBA) is Germany's highest prosecutory authority. The GBA is responsible for prosecutions in serious cases relating to crimes against international law and crimes concerning to state security.


Constitutional complaint regarding air strike at Kunduz in September 2009


In September 2009, two US fighter jets bombed a large group of people and two tanker trucks on a sandbar in the Kunduz River in Afghanistan. More than 100 people were killed or injured. ECCHR supports a criminal investigation in the matters and supports the affected persons' compensation claims.


Germany: CIA deputy Gina Haspel must face arrest on travelling to Europe


Gina Haspel, Deputy CIA Director, oversaw the torture of detainees at a CIA secret prison in Thailand in 2002 and failed to do anything to stop it. ECCHR's legal intervention in Germany is aimed at securing an arrest warrant for Haspel.


Saydnaya Military Prison – Objective is to physically and psychologically break detainees


Syrian prisons have been places of systematic degradation, unimaginable torture and mass executions for several years. ECCHR supported a criminal complaint that was filed in Germany against seven high-ranking Syrian military officials.


Syria's Air Force Intelligence – Right hand to the al-Assad family


Senior officials of Bashar al-Assad's government are responsible for the international crimes committed at Air Force Intelligence branches. A criminal complaint supported by ECCHR is directed against ten named high-ranking officials from the National Security Bureau and the Air Force Intelligence.


Torture under the Assad Regime


The Syrian government led by president Bashar al-Assad is responsible for systematic and widespread torture. ECCHR together with seven Syrian torture survivors as well as the Syrian lawyers al-Bunni and Darwish submitted the first criminal complaint against six high-level officials of the Syrian Military Intelligence Service to the German Federal Prosecutor.


"Caesar" Photos Document Systematic Torture


The group around the former Syrian military police employee 'Caesar' took for the first legal action by filing together with ECCHR a criminal complaint against senior officials from the Syrian intelligence services and the military police concerning crimes against humanity and war crimes.


Criminal complaint against Zakir Almatov


A criminal complaint against former Uzbek minister of interior Zakir Almatov, the Uzbek head of secret service Rustan Inojatov, and others was filed to the Federal Public Prosecutor on behalf of eight Uzbek citizens because of torture and crimes against humanity.