Administrative court

In Germany an administrative court (Verwaltungsgericht) is the forum for disputes between private individuals and public agencies or authorities.


Ramstein at court: Germany’s role in US drone strikes in Yemen


In the summer of 2012, two members of the bin Ali Jaber family were killed and many survivors traumatized in a drone attack in the Yemeni village of Khashamir. The US Ramstein Air Base in Germany played an important role in the attack. The German government’s response has been to deny any knowledge of or responsibility for the death of these and other civilians from US drone attacks.


Sicily air base: Italy’s involvement in US drone program


Sigonella Air Base in Sicily, Italy, is considered of strategic importance for US drone operations in North Africa. ECCHR has filed requests to access information regarding US drones located at Sigonella according to the Italian Freedom of Information Act and filed a criminal complaint against the air base commander.