Torture: Syrian military police defector “Caesar” passes key evidence to German Federal Prosecutor

22 September 2017 - Over several years the group of people supporting the Syrian military police defector known as “Caesar” has obtained thousands of photos of tortured and murdered detainees in Syrian government detention facilities. Now, the “Caesar-File Support Group” for the first time took legal action by filing together with ECCHR a criminal complaint with the German Federal Prosecutor against senior officials from the Syrian intelligence services and the military police concerning crimes against humanity and war crimes. A representative of the “Caesar-File Support Group” also provided the Federal Prosecutor with a set of high-resolution images and metadata.This adds to the evidentiary value of the images and paves the way for further investigatory steps.

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Impunity for war crimes by UK forces in Iraq: International Criminal Court urged to investigate

5 September 2017 - In a communication to the International Criminal Court (ICC), ECCHR reaffirms the need for the Office of the Prosecutor to move beyond a preliminary examination and seek the opening of an investigation into war crimes related to the abuse of detainees in Iraq by UK forces from 2003 to 2008. ECCHR is in particular calling on the ICC to examine the responsibility of senior military and political leaders for the abuse. The ICC Prosecutor opened a preliminary examination of the situation in May 2014 following a communication from ECCHR and Public Interest Lawyers in January 2014.

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No rights for unaccompanied minors at the Spanish-Moroccan border

9 August 2017 - The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is examining the individual communication against Spain on behalf of the unaccompanied Malian minor D.D. In December 2014, the boy was pushed back to Morocco after he climbed the border fences at Melilla to enter the Spanish enclave. D.D.’s communication was filed by one of ECCHR’s cooperation lawyers. It challenges the unlawful return from Spain to Morocco and seeks to reclaim the fundamental rights of unaccompanied minors at the borders of the European Union.

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Special Jurisdiction for Peace in Colombia must meet international standards on command responsibility

28 July 2017 - The Colombian Congress has passed a law which fails to meet the standards of the ICC on command responsibility. On the contrary, there is a real risk that it will reinforce and cement the impunity enjoyed by those – particularly within the military – bearing greatest responsibility for international crimes. ECCHR addressed this question of international law in an amicus curiae brief filed with the Colombian Constitutional Court at Bogotá as part of the Court’s assessment of the provisions on the Special Jurisdiction for Peace.

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