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Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has prompted a debate on how to best address international crimes arising from the conflict and hold those responsible for them to account. Despite a wide range of efforts by the Ukrainian government, civil society and the international community to pursue accountability for such crimes, there remain significant questions as to how this should be achieved and how international criminal law can be strengthened.

The overwhelming response by many Western countries to the call for the swift application of international criminal justice to address the human rights situation in Ukraine is clearly a welcome development. However, it is nonetheless essential that any application of international justice avoids the pitfalls of double standards, as double standards may only serve to weaken institutions of international law in the long run.

ECCHR is currently involved in several cases, as well as open source investigative collaborations, concerning human rights abuses in the war. Due to the restrictive circumstances of war-time conflict, both the gathering and the dissemination of information related to cases and investigations must contend with unique obstacles. Thus, our casework will be continually updated as information becomes both available and conveyable in light of changing events. Read more in Avenues for Accountability 

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