Here you can find all ongoing and past ECCHR cases in Italy.


Sicily airbase: Freedom of information litigation on Italy's involvement in US drone Program


The Sigonella airbase in Sicily, Italy, is considered of strategic importance for US drone operations in North Africa. ECCHR has filed requests to access information regarding US drones located at Sigonella according to the Italian Freedom of Information Act.


Counterterrorism and human rights

Double standards

For several years now, ECCHR has been working on so-called "terrorism lists." The main focus of this work is to address the grave violation of basic constitutional and human rights that arises by identifying individuals and groups in such a process of listing.


European responsibility for war crimes in Yemen

War crimes

In October 2016, an airstrike – alleged to have been carried out by the Saudi-led military coalition – struck a civilian home in the village of Deir Al-Hajari in northwest Yemen. The intentional directing of attacks against the civilian population amounts to war crimes. ECCHR is taking legal action against this.


After Factory Fire in Pakistan: Proceedings against auditor in Italy

Textile industry

Italian audit company RINA certified a Ali Enterprises (Pakistan) building shortly before a fire broke out in the factory. The certificate failed to guarantee high standards of security. ECCHR is lending support to the legal proceedings underway in Pakistan, Italy and Germany.


Surveillance in Syria: European firms may be aiding and abetting crimes against humanity

Surveillance technology

The Syrian intelligence services have been collecting without cause information about political opponents, members of the opposition and human rights activists. Spying often goes hand in hand with torture. Software from Western corporations may have played a role in the surveillance. In order to address this, transnational investigations have to be initiated.