Die Durchsetzung menschenrechtlicher Sorgfaltspflichten von Unternehmen

Miriam Saage-Maaß, Markus Krajewski

Civil liability and reporting obligations can be used as instruments to implement corporate responsibilities for human rights. The contributions of this volume address numerous questions associated with the two basic models to govern corporate activities in this regard – the liability and the transparency model. The first section of this volume addresses questions of civil liability. They concern both the theoretical foundations and the specific concretisations of liability of corporations for human rights violations including questions of responsibilities in global firms and supply chains. The second part of this volume discusses the implementation of the CSR-Directive of the EU and analyses its function for activities of shareholders. The third part deals with relevant questions of conflicts of law. Conflicts of law, tort and corporate law overlap and influence each other in the field of corporate responsibility for human rights.