Social Rights & Natural Resources

Expropriation to make way for mining, forced resettlements due to infrastructure projects, and damage to health and the environment from the use of pesticides: in global competition for resources, transnational companies often assert their interests with reckless disregard. In taking these actions, companies can usually count on the support of political elites, while the rights of local populations are ignored and, in some cases, seriously violated. ECCHR sees itself as part of a broader civil society movement challenging such corporate abuses and undertakes legal action in support of these political and legal fights.


FAO/WHO fail to asses whether pesticide sales in India breach international standards


ECCHR and its partner organizations urged the FAO/WHO in an open letter and monitoring report to implement urgently needed changes to effectively address the widespread mismanagement of pesticides worldwide.


Bayer: Double standards in the sale of pesticides


Bayer CropScience sells highly toxic pesticides in India. The company fails to ensure that consumers are adequately informed of both the dangers of pesticides and the requisite protective measures.


Syngenta pesticides endanger farmers and plantation workers


Research by ECCHR showed: Syngenta's Gramoxone – which is banned in many countries including throughout the EU – is used on plantations in Indonesia and the Philippines with almost no protective measures.


Mining in the Andes: Complaint and lawsuit filed against Swiss firm Glencore, Switzerland and Peru


Mining projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America often give rise to environmental problems and social conflict. Local communities near the Tintaya Antapaccay mine in Peru have raised concerns about heavy metals polluting the water and associated health problems. The mine is run by a Glencore subsidiary.


Environmental Protection versus Investment Law – The Goldmine in Roșia Montană, Romania

Resource Exploitation

Local residents of the Romanian region of Roșia Montană successfully opposed the building of a gold mine. Now, mining company Gabriel Resources is suing the Romanian state. ECCHR and its partner organizations have filed an amicus petition and are supporting the community so that their rights continue to be taken into consideration.


Human rights inapplicable in international investment arbitration?

Indigenous Rights

In 2012, the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) of the World Bank rejected a joint petition from ECCHR and the chiefs of four indigenous communities to be admitted as amici curiae in two cases in which European investors sought to sue the Government of Zimbabwe.


Reckless development: Forced displacement due to Lahmeyer dam construction


In 2010, those affected by the construction of the Merowe dam in North Sudan filed criminal complaints against Lahmeyer employees. The German company played a major role in the construction. Over 4,700 families lost their belongings and their means of subsistence.