Accountability for Mass Atrocities in Syria

Deliberate attacks on civilian infrastructure, indiscriminate bombings and the torture and execution of civilians are just some of the crimes committed by almost all conflict parties in Syria since 2011. Syrian activists have been documenting these crimes in order to one day bring those responsible to justice.
In March 2017, ECCHR together with seven Syrian torture survivors as well as the Syrian lawyers Anwar al-Bunni (Syrian Center for Legal Researches & Studies) and Mazen Darwish (Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Speech) submitted a first criminal complaint against six high-level officials of the Syrian Military Intelligence Service to the Federal Prosecutor in Germany.

Torture under Assad: The long path to justice leads trough Germany

ECCHR and Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung conference: Legal avenues to prosecute mass atrocities comitted in Syria

In March 2017, ECCHR and the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung brought together survivors of torture and mass atrocities in Syria as well as Syrian lawyers, international activists and legal and political experts to discuss potential avenues for prosecution and the meaning of criminal accountability for the crimes committed in Syria.

Crime, Perpetrators and those implicated in the conflict in Syria

Survivors, lawyers and activists report from Syria

Universal Jurisdiction as a means of prosecuting human rights violation in Syria