No Ramstein, No Drone War: Yemeni Family sues Germany for Role in US Drone Warfare

Faisal bin Ali Jaber is an engineer from Yemen whose case against the German government concerning its role in the US drone war was heard by the administrative court in Cologne. In an interview with ECCHR, he describes his family’s experience of a drone strike and explains what he wants the USA and Germany to do in order to bring an end to drone strikes in his home region.

Brandon Bryant - a former US drone pilot tells his experience

Brandon Bryant was a US army drone pilot for almost six years, part of which was spent working at the US military base in Ramstein. He quit in 2011 due to conscientious objections. Bryant spoke at ECCHR about his work with lawyers in pursuit of justice for survivors and relatives of victims of US drone strikes in Pakistan. The former drone pilot says the depiction of drone strikes as “clean warfare” is a sham.

Drones: Making the Invisible Visible (May 2014)

Drones: Making the Invisible Visible from PARKAFILM.CC on Vimeo.

Interview with Jeremy Scahill at ECCHR (Oct. 2013)

Jeremy Scahill, one of America’s best known investigative journalists, presented his book "Dirty Wars" at ECCHR.