Challenging injustice through legal action



Using the law to fight for human rights – this is the mission and the day-to-day work of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR).

We use the law strategically to help bring about a world free from torture, repression and exploitation. We work to enforce human rights through legal means and support those who have suffered from serious rights violations as they seek justice.

With your donation you can help to:

  • put an end to impunity for human rights violations,
  • ensure that those responsible for torture, arbitrary executions and “disappearances” –including powerful perpetrators – are held accountable
  • work with survivors to promote legal and civil society efforts to address past injustices,
  • provide legal support to survivors and witnesses of arbitrary detention, torture and sexualized violence,
  • hold transnational companies responsible for their human rights violations,
  • put pressure on key decision-makers to prevent human rights violations and bring about law reform,
  • educate the next generation of human rights lawyers


The work of ECCHR would not be possible without the assistance of our friends and supporters. To maintain its financial and political independence ECCHR is financed solely through donations and charitable foundations.

Thank you for your support!


ECCHR is an organization with consultative status represented in the Economic and Social Council since 2013. Furthermore, it is a member of the Human Rights Forum (Forum Menschenrechte), the Coalition against Impunity (Koalition gegen Straflosigkeit. Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit für die deutschen Verschwundenen in Argentinien), the Network for Corporate Accountability (CorA), the European Coalition for Corporate Justice, OECD Watch, and Allianz "Rechtssicherheit für politische Willensbildung".


ECCHR is registered at the District Court of Charlottenburg and is recognized as a non-profit organization at the competent tax office for corporations.


Donation Account

Account holder: ECCHR
Name of the Bank: Berliner Volksbank
Address: Germania Str. 18-20, 12099 Berlin
Account number: 8853607011
Bank code number: 10090000
IBAN: DE77100900008853607011


Donations are tax deductible. Please provide your address for a contribution receipt.