Sarah Imani

Institute for Legal Intervention

Sarah Imani is a qualified lawyer and studied law at Universität Hamburg, Germany. She holds an LL.M. from New York University, USA, and a M.A. in Peace Studies from Bradford University, UK. Her areas of expertise are international law, international criminal law, human rights law and (international) legal theory. She worked in these areas as researcher and lecturer for various universities. Besides her work, she researches third world approaches to international law and Islamic international law and legal theory. In January 2021, she joined ECCHR as legal advisor in the Institute for Legal Intervention where she focuses on German and European colonial crimes as well as critical postcolonial perspectives on the law.

Academic article

Reparations for colonial crimes - the negotiations between Germany and Namibia as an example for the ambivalent role of the law in these cases

Blog post

The German-Namibian “Reconciliation Agreement” in Law and Time