On-Going Trials in Argentina: Primer Cuerpo del Ejèrcito

The First Army Corps Case, "Primer Cuerpo del Ejército" (no. 14.216/2003), concerns violations of human rights such as torture, murder, deprivation of liberty and kidnapping. Members of the First Army Corps stand trial for the commission of these crimes in Buenos Aires and the region of La Pampa, Argentina, from 1976 to 1983. There are two main themes in this investigation, one that addresses the chain of command and the other, which deals with secret detention and torture centers. The latter has been differentiated into the following cases:

  - Masacre Fátima

  - El Vesubio

  - Mansión Seré

  - Atlético-Banco-Olimpo

  - Fassano y Révora

  - Hospital Posadas

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The circuit Atlético-Banco-Olimpo (A-B-O) is part of the First Army Corps Case. It describes three torture centers with the names "Club Atlético", "el Banco" and "Garage Olimpo".The center "Atlético" was used from mid-1976 until December 1977, when it was demolish in order to build the Highway 25 de Mayo. As a result the detainees, the guards and also the furniture and the tools of torture were moved to a temporary center, "El Banco", which was open until mid-1978 while a new center, "Garage Olimpo" was being built. The detainees were transferred to "El Olimpo" in August 1978. It remained open until the beginning of 1979 coinciding with the decline of Carlos Suárez Masón as head of the First Army Corps.

The on-going trial started on the 24th of November 2009, with the testimonies of the defendants. Of the several hundred victims some survivors will testify. In total 184 witnesses give testimony since 14th of December 2009. The trial has two stages. First, the Miara case, which charges 15 defendants with illegal deprivation of freedom and torture. Second, the Tepedino case, which charges four defendants (Juan Carlos Avena, Enrique José del Pino, Carlos Alberto Roque Tepedino and Mario Alberto Gómez Arenas), members of a secret service unit ("Central de Reunión del Batallón de Inteligencia 601"), supporting the First Army Corps, with the October 11th 1978 murder of Carlos Fassano and Lucila Révora.

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