Bertha Global Exchange Programm

Global Exchange Fellows Mohamed Alalami and Melanie Aebli with ECCHR team


Since early 2013 ECCHR has been able to invite colleagues from international partner organizations to come to Berlin for a period of two to three months as part of an intensive exchange of experiences and know-how. The Global Exchange Program aims to facilitate mutual learning and the development of new avenues for transnational legal work. To this end, Bertha Global Exchange Fellows are actively involved in ECCHR’s day-to-day work and contribute to issues and cases that their sending organizations are also working on. Following their stay in Berlin the Bertha Global Fellows generally become our contact point for collaborative casework between the two organizations. 


Bertha Global Exchange Fellows 2017:

Suheir Kharma, Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Palestine


Bertha Global Exchange Fellows 2016:


Anina Dalbert, Berne Declaration/Public Eye, Switzerland

Mani Prakash, Human Rights Law Network, India

Zahoor Ellahi, Foundation for Fundamental Rights, Pakistan

Malka Manestar, ANDHES, Argentina


Bertha Global Exchange Fellows 2015:


Zharmai Garcia, CenterLaw, Philippines


Bertha Global Exchange Fellows 2014:


Tahseen el-Ayyan, Al-Haq, Palestine

Mohamed el-Alami, Palestinian Center for Human Rights, Palestine

Melanie Aebli, Demokratische Jurist_innen, Switzerland

Rocío Moreno Sánchez, Observatorio DESC and Boye-Elbal y Asociados, Spain

Viviana Rodríguez Peña, Sisma Mujer, Colombia


Bertha Global Exchange Fellows 2013:


Sankar Pani, Natural Justice, India

Ana María Mora Arango, Colectivo de Abogados José Alvear Restrepo (CAJAR) & Corporación Popular Tejedores de Derechos, Colombia

Svetlana Correya, Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), India

Qiao Congrui, Forum for International Criminal and Humanitarian Law (FICHL), China

Shakunthala Shunmugam, Pesticide Action Network Asia-Pacific (PAN AP), Malaysia

Note: There is no external application procedure for the Bertha Global Exchange Program at ECCHR.