Photos: Mohamed Badarne

Every other year, the annual alumni reunion turns into the Legal Intervention Days. This year, we had more than 100 guests who participated in the three-day long program. Participants included colleagues from the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), Global Exchange Fellows, alumni, trainees and staff who contributed their experiences from more than 25 countries from all continents.


While the first day was dedicated to the legacy of Michael Ratner and the history of our partner organization CCR, alumni took center stage on the second and third days. After an ice-breaking World Café, we continued the Friday conference with the panel discussion "At the border:  Legal strategies and struggles against exclusion and expulsions". The afternoon was reserved for working groups prepared and facilitated by alumni. This year, we had the following topics: European companies linked to modern-day slavery of migrant workers in Qatar; Migration; Syria and universal jurisdiction; Transitional justice: same mistakes, new perspectives; Protecting those who protect: Shrinking spaces and the effect on human rights lawyers; A human rights approach to whistleblowing: the right to free speech and right to asylum for whistleblowers. On Saturday we carried on with our tradition to engage on more personal and political levels with our work and hosted the event Queering Justice.

Annual Meeting 2015

Annual Meeting 2014

“Inspirational, motivation, encouraging” – the verdict from participants of ECCHR's third annual alumni meeting. The conference in Berlin on 7 and 8 November 2014 was attended by over 80 former and current trainees, as well as guests from Asia, Australia, Europa, North and South America and Africa. A total of over 80 burgeoning and experienced human rights lawyers took part in the event. Participants met with other alumni and renowned lawyers from international organizations over the course of the alumni meeting, engaging in workshops, podium discussions and talks. Speakers included Colin Gonsalves from the ECCHR partner organization Human Rights Law Network in India. He spoke of how his organization uses legal work to implement their vision of a more just world. Other themes included: visual depiction of evidence, proceedings in non-legal forums, founding your own NGO and the art of communication in controversial cases. A total of over 300 alumni have taken part in ECCHR's Education Program since it began in 2008.

Annual Meeting 2013

On 15 and 16 November 2013 60 former and current trainees, employees and international guests from Europe, Asia, Australia, North- and South America and Africa took part in the second ECCHR Alumni Annual Meeting. In working groups, participants discussed current human rights issues such as migration, the environment, human rights defenders, whistleblowing and sexualized violence. On the second day of the event, participants took part in a self-organized workshop on personal and ethical issues for politically motivated human rights defenders

Annual Meeting 2012

More than 60 ECCHR alumni took part in our inaugural Alumni Meeting in November 2012. At the meeting the alumni participated in working groups and podium discussions on career planning in the field of human rights work. The program  including a self-organized workshop entitled “How to start your own organization”. The alumni were also invited to join an ECCHR conference on strategic litigation featuring experts from around the world.  

International conference during the 1st ECCHR Alumni Week in November 2012