Since the establishment of ECCHR in 2008 more than 350 young human rights lawyers have been volunteers or trainees with us.

Our trainees and alumni come from Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bolivia, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, the UK, the USA, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

We would like to once again extend our thanks to all of you for your participation.


Photo: Mohamed Badarne

Alumni Meeting 2015 (Photo: Mohamed Badarne)


ECCHR Alumni, 2008-2017



The KoKreis is an open group of ECCHR alumni that meet occasionally in the ECCHR office to share their views on the Education Program’s activities and, in particular, to help plan the annual Alumni Meeting.

Further Education

Through the Education Program we endeavor to keep in contact with our alumni and offer various opportunities for networking and further education.
Alumni Seminars and Smaller Events 2013 (selection):

  • Lunch Talk on the judgment against Guatemalan former dictator Rios Montt with Carlos Castresana, a Spanish prosecutor and former head of the International Commission against Organized Crime in Guatemala.
  • Workshop on Communication and Moving Images with Prof. John Kantara, documentary film maker and Professor of Journalism.
  • Lunch Talk on human rights litigation in US Courts with Peter Weiss, US civil and human rights lawyer.
  • Workshop on corporate research with Robert Goldspink from ISLP (link), British former corporate lawyer and expert in company law.