ECCHR initiates, develops, and supports high-impact, strategic human rights litigation to hold state and non-state actors accountable for the violations of the rights of the most vulnerable. ECCHR focuses on cases with the greatest likelihood of setting precedents and advancing policies that strengthen the legal framework for global human rights accountability. ECCHR actively litigates cases and but also researches, investigates, and helps to coordinate the development strategies of legal advocacy around cases.

ECCHR's Legal Program takes on cases dealing with three main issue areas:


The International Crimes and Accountability Program aims to ensure that grave breaches of international law - war crimes, torture and other crimes against humanity - are prosecuted and perpetrators are brought to justice.





The Business and Human Rights Program looks at three main areas: transnational corporate activities in authoritarian regimes and conflict zones; working conditions in the global supply chain; and business activities that affect economic and social rights.


Additional Programs:
The ECCHR hosts three programs that complement the organization's effort to promote strategic human rights litigation around the globe.

There is only a small cadre of experienced human rights litigators who have the knowledge, ability and resources to focus on the strategic development of a legal framework of accountability for human rights abuses. ECCHR facilitates the sharing of knowledge and the coordination litigation strategies.

Education Program
ECCHR is committed to ensuring that the next generation of lawyers develops competence and expertise in human rights litigation. We host interns, graduate scholars, and young lawyers, who are given on-the-job training and an invaluable opportunity to work on high-profile human rights litigation under the supervision of experts.  

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Public Education
ECCHR's Public Education Program organizes conferences and other public events, conducts media outreach, and publishes web-based and print reports and communications.

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How you can support ECCHR

You can support ECCHR by visiting our events, informing others about our projects, discussing issues with us and by donating to our work.

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