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Impunity for war crimes by UK forces in Iraq: International Criminal Court urged to investigate

PR_UK_Iraq_Abuse_ICC_20170905.pdf (413.8 KiB)

Colonia Dignidad: Decision of the District Court of Krefeld on the enforcement of judgments against Hartmut Hopp

PR_Colonia Dignidad_Decision_Hopp_20170814.pdf (90.2 KiB)

Hazardous Bayer pesticide: Germany failing to adequately monitor pesticides exports

CaseUpdate_Bayer_Nativo_ECCHR_20170313.pdf (154.5 KiB)

Torture survivors submit criminal complaint against high-level officials of the Syrian Intelligence Service to Federal Prosecutor

PR_Syria_Torture_Complaint_ECCHR.pdf (192.6 KiB)

ECtHR examines push-backs to Idomeni, Macedonia must respond to questions on expulsion practices

PR_Idomeni_ECtHR_Macedonia_20170213.pdf (195.2 KiB)

Justice within reach for victims of fatal push-backs at the Spanish-Moroccan border

PR_Ceuta_20170113.pdf (123.0 KiB)

Guantánamo survivor files torture complaint against Belgium

PR_USTorture_Belgium_UN_Zemmouri_20170111.pdf (263.8 KiB)

French company Lafarge sued for Complicity in War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Syria

PR_Syria_France_Lafarge_Sherpa_ECCHR_20161115.pdf (306.3 KiB)

Complaint against Bayer in Germany: Pesticides labels for India lack important warnings for pregnant women

PR_Bayer_Nativo_Germany_20161019.pdf (307.7 KiB)

France: ECCHR and CCR ask to subpoena Former U.S. Department of Defense General Counsel

PR_Guantanamo_France_Haynes_20161012.pdf (346.6 KiB)

From Idomeni to Strasbourg: Refugees demand their right to have rights at the ECtHR

PR_Idomeni_FYROM_ECCHR_ProAsyl_20160914.pdf (208.3 KiB)

Prosecution of Bahrain Attorney General sought in Irish torture complaint

PR_Ireland_Bahrain_Torture_UJ_20160913.pdf (142.1 KiB)

Pakistani victims awarded legal costs in case against KiK

PR_KiK_Pakistan_Lawsuit_Costs_20160830.pdf (225.8 KiB)

Criminal complaint filed in Switzerland against Bahraini Attorney General

PR_Switzerland_Bahrain_ECCHR_BIRD_TRIAL_REDRESS_eng_20150915.pdf (187.4 KiB)

Former Detainees and Human Rights Groups Appeal Spain’s Decision to Discontinue Guantánamo Investigation

PR_Guantanamo_Spain_20150723.pdf (222.1 KiB)

BSCI complaint on TÜV Rheinland’s audit report for Rana Plaza manufacturer

PR_TueV_BSCI_RanaPlaza_20150707.pdf (151.1 KiB)

No end in sight for drone war via Ramstein

PR_Drones_Hearing_ 20150527.pdf (56.5 KiB)

UN complaint against Swiss firm Glencore, Peru and Switzerland

PR_Glencore_Peru_Switzerland_UN_20150521.pdf (211.5 KiB)

Major Setback for Peace-Building Process in Sri Lanka: Suspected War Criminal promoted to Army Chief of Staff

PR_SriLanka_Dias_ECCHR_Trial_GFBV_20150520.pdf (174.6 KiB)

First Hearing on US Drone Warfare at a Court in Germany

MediaAdvisory_Hearing_Drones_Germany_Yemen_20150520.pdf (79.1 KiB)

Sexualized violence in the Colombian conflict – a matter for the International Criminal Court

PR_Colombia_ICC_20150427.pdf (140.6 KiB)

French Court Investigating U.S. Torture Summons Former Gitmo Commander

PR_France_Guantanamo_2015_04_02_engl..pdf (291.1 KiB)

Pakistan factory fire victims sue discount clothing retailer KiK in Germany

PR_KiK_Pakistan_Lawsuit_2015_03_13.pdf (174.3 KiB)

French Appeals Court Urged to Subpoena Former Guantánamo Commander in Torture Investigation

PR_France_Guantanamo_2015_03_05.pdf (219.8 KiB)

UK rebukes German-British software company Gamma

PR_OECD_UK_Gamma_2015_02_27.pdf (290.0 KiB)

Nestlé/Romero: Complaint against Switzerland submitted to ECHR

PR_Nestle_ECHR_2014_12_18_eng.pdf (169.0 KiB)

Germany: Criminal complaint against Bush era architects of torture

PR_CIA Torture_Germany_criminal complaint_Tenet and others_2014_12_17_eng.pdf (207.5 KiB)

Fall El Masri: Brief an Bundesjustiziminister Heiko Maas

Schreiben an BMJV in Sachen El Masri - ECCHR 20141215.pdf (2.8 MiB)

Illegal surveillance: No investigation into German-British software company Gamma

PR_Gamma Investigation Denied 2014_12_12.pdf (251.9 KiB)

CIA Torture Report: Bush administration should face trial

PR_CIA torture report_Bush_2014_12_09_eng.pdf (250.5 KiB)

Invitation: German Liability for US Drone Warfare in Yemen

Invitation_Yemen_Drones_15 Oct_2014_10_09_eng.pdf (61.8 KiB)

British court confirms end of Bahraini prince’s immunity from torture

PR_Bahrain_Prince_HighCourt UK_7-10-14.pdf (14.6 KiB)

Victims of Fire Disaster to launch lawsuit against KiK in Germany

PR_Pakistan_KiK_lawsuit_2019_09_10_eng.pdf (90.8 KiB)

Swiss Judiciary declines access to justice

Press release, Nestle (01.08.2014) (267.3 KiB)

Pakistan: ECCHR calls for investigation against KiK

Press release, 16.05.2014 (260.8 KiB)

ICC: Investigations into British military represent milestone for international justice

PR_ICC_UK_Preliminary_Investigations_20140513.pdf (246.6 KiB)