Targeted killings with drones - The case of Bünyamin E. in Pakistan

On 4 October 2010, a US-drone strike killed German citizen Bünyamin E. in Pakistan. Obliged under German law, the Federal Public Prosecutor initiated a criminal investigation, but closed the file soon after. The ECCHR analyzed the German prosecutor’s decision to discontinue investigations into the death of Bünyamin E.. According to the ECCHR’s examination, the decision raises a number of serious doubts as to the application and interpretation of the law and shows insufficient investigations.

Expert Opinion: "Targeted Killing by Combat Drone"

Drones, Expert opinion, 2013-10-30.pdf (560.6 KiB)

The ECCHR supported Bünyamin`s family members, produced a 3-D reconstruction of the strike together with Forensic Architecture, took part in an exhibition, theatre play and several expert talks and public debates about the case, legal standards and drones.
The case is part of ECCHR`s continous work on severe human rights violations in countering terrorism as well as in the specific project on armed drones and international law


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