Sexualized violence

Sexualized violence refers to aggressive acts with a gender/sexual element carried out without the consent or the capacity to consent of the victim. Sexualized violence refers to the deliberate exertion of power over a subject as opposed to the acting out of sexual desires. Sexualized violence is often used in a systematic way as a tool of degradation.


Argentine court follows international jurisdiction on sexualized violence

Military Dictatorship

In October 2010, ECCHR, along with Theo van Boven filed two amicus curiae briefs before Argentinean courts. The briefs support four different cases in the trials regarding sexualized violence in detention centers during the military dictatorship.

Democratic Republic Congo

Groundbreaking trial in Germany

Armed Conflict

The Higher Regional Court in Stuttgart handed down convictions in the trial of two Rwandan leaders of the Hutu militia group FDLR, Ignace Murwanashyaka and Straton Musoni. The FDLR are alleged to have utilized sexualized violence against the Congolese civilian population and to have in numerous cases plundered, killed and inflicted grievous bodily injuries.


Sexualized violence in the Colombian conflict

Armed Conflict

The Colombian state is denying women the protection against sexualized crimes and access to justice that it is obliged to guarantee under national and international law. In response, ECCHR has submitted a criminal complaint against Colombia to the International Criminal Court.


Philippines: Sexual Slavery during Second World War

Sexualized violence

On behalf of 28 survivors of sexual slavery during Second World War in the Philippines, ECCHR and CenterLaw submitted a communication to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. They call for the acknowledgement of the crimes and reparations.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – War crimes and gender-based sexual violence

Armed Conflict

Ever since the final stages of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009, issues of the criminal accountability for war crimes, crimes against humanity and the ongoing sexualized violence against women have been part of ECCHR's work.

Sri Lanka

Sexualized Violence in Sri Lanka

Armed Conflict

Sri Lanka must comply with its international obligations in the fight against gender-based discrimination. The country should bring its law in line with the UN Convention on Women.


First criminal trial worldwide on torture in Syria to start April 2020 in Germany


The first trial worldwide on state torture in Syria will start in Germany, on 23 April 2020. The main defendant is Anwar R., a former official at the General Intelligence Directorate in Syrian President Assad’s government. ECCHR supports 16 Syrian torture survivors in the proceedings.


Impunity for violence against women in Chechnya

Sexualized violence

The Russian Federation fails to investigate, prosecute and punish serious violations of women's human rights, particularly in response of allegations of violence regarding adherence to a campaign to enforce an Islamic dress code.

United Kingdom

War crimes by UK forces in Iraq


ECCHR demands investigations into the role and responsibility of British military officials in Iraq. A communication to the ICC documents 2000 cases of grave mistreatment during the five years in which UK forces operated in Iraq.