The US experience: Exceeding legal boundaries in countering terrorism

26 January 2017 in Paris

Public Event, 17:45 - 20:45h at ÉLÉPHANT PANAME
Le Dôme (10 rue Volney – 75002 Paris)
Mourad Benchellali
French Guantánamo survivor
Nizar Sassi
French Guantánamo survivor
Lawrence Wilkerson
Former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell
Alberto Mora
Former General Counsel of the US Navy
Janis Karpinski
Former Commander of the US Military Police in Iraq that operated in Abu Ghraib and other detention facilities
Mark Fallon
Former US counterterrorism investigator, USS Cole attack
and others
and others (see full program below, also in French)
Waterboarding, sleep deprivation, electric shocks. Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram and secret prisons in Eastern Europe. These crimes and sites stand for the so-called "enhanced interrogation" program which the US established post the 9/11 attacks and which was approved by the highest levels of the Bush-Administration. In using these interrogation techniques, US officials committed torture in a number of oversea detention facilities. Although President Obama stopped the program, no prosecution and accountability of high level officials happened in the US. Now with the incoming Donald Trump presidency, there is the real danger that torture may return.
In France, for the first time worldwide a summon was issued against former Guantanamo Bay Detention Center Commander Geoffrey Miller to appear before the investigating judge in the Paris district court in March 2016. Further investigative steppes in the on-going investigation of torture of French citizens have been requested by William Bourdon, the acting lawyer in this case. The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) and the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) from New York support the proceedings.
Supported by the Bertha Foundation and Stiftung Menschenrechte now ECCHR and CCR, together with FIDH and LDH bring some of the most important and outspoken critics of the US torture program to Paris:

Program and background information: The US experience: exceeding legal boundaries in counterin terrorism

Background Event US Accountability Paris Jan 2017 FINAL.pdf (561.0 KiB)

Informations et programme: "L'experience américaine: L'outre-passement de la loi dan la lutte anti-terroriste

Informations_Evénements_Paris_torture_expérience_américaine.pdf (733.3 KiB)

17:45 - 18:45: The US torture program, its development and its damage
Lawrence Wilkerson
, Former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell
Alberto Mora, Senior Fellow, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, and former General Counsel of the Navy
Mark Fallon, Former US counterterrorism investigator
Janis Karpinski, Former Commander of the Military Police in Iraq from 2003-2005
Moderated by Andreas Schüller, ECCHR
19 - 19:30: Guantanamo survivors talk about their quest for justice
Mourad Benchellali, French Guantanamo survivor
Nizar Sassi, French Guantanamo survivor
Aliya Hussain, CCR
Moderated by Yves Prigent, Amnesty International France
19:45 - 20:45: Accountability for torture - the French Guantanamo case
William Bourdon, lawyer of Mourad Benchellali and Nizar Sassi
Clemence Bectarte, FIDH
Katherine Gallagher, CCR
Wolfgang Kaleck, ECCHR
Moderated by Karine Bonneau, FIDH
The event takes place in English and French with direct translations.
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This conference is supported by the Bertha Foundation and Stiftung Menschenrechte

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