"Tempest of Vanity"

Anarchist Cookie Shop by Marek Schovánek

From 7 November 2016, ECCHR-Office in Berlin

organized by: ECCHR (Zossener Str. 55-58, 10961 Berlin)
Welcome to the Anarchist Cookie Shop by Marek Schovánek. Here you will find – in the form of home-made biscuits – the ideologies, worldviews and everyday untruths examined in the works of »the best unknown artist in the world«.
At ECCHR Schovánek presents baked quotations relating to the organization’s work. He will also exhibit »Paintings Made of Cookies«, ironic interpretations of works by the Old Masters. The transience of all earthly things, our powerlessness over life: this Berlin-based Canadian artist with Czech roots poses existential questions in the most intriguing ways.
Opening hours: The exhibition is open from 7 November 2016, Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm. For an individual visit please contact info@ecchr.eu

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