Hady Sy "Not for Sale"
Hady Sy "Not for Sale"
On November  21st 2009, General Secretary Wolfgang Kaleck announced that ECCHR will continue its Universal Justice and Human Rights Program in connection with Gender, Transnational Corporations and Counterterrorism Programs. He also addressed the refugees problem in the southern border of the European Union.

Michael Ratner, President of the American Center for Constitutional Rights and ECCHR-Council member, summarized the U.S. branch. He spoke about the Bush's counterterrorism measures and critically assessed President Obama's steps in this direction. He noted that it would be especially important for the American government to prosecute those responsible for torture systematically carried out by the Bush administration. Ratner maintained that the American government has turned back the clock several hundred years with respect to human rights.

Subsequently, ECCHR-Advisory Board members Professor Florian Jeßberger of Humboldt University, Dr. Monika Lüke, General Secretary of Amnesty International Germany and Reed Brody, spokesman of Human Rights Watch Brussels, gave their account of the progress of legal human rights work. The panel was hosted by Dr. Miriam Saage-Maaß, ECCHR-Program Manager of the Business and Human Rights Program.

After the pannel, artist Hady Sy opened his exhibition "Not for Sale", which depicts X-ray photographs of small arms used since the First World War, on display in the ECCHR offices.

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