11 May 2017, 18:30 at ECCHR

Drones, Whistleblowers, Journalists and Lawyers

Building on an October 2016 conference ECCHR will launch its new publication “Litigating Drone Strikes: Challenging the Global Network of Remote Killing” featuring contributions from international policy and legal experts. Following the launch  award winning investigative journalist Pratap Chatterjee, will present his new report “DRONE, Inc. Marketing the Illusion of Precision Warfare” exposing the contractors, technology and failings behind the US drone war. 

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Since 7 November 2017 at ECCHR

Exhibition "Tempest of Vanity"

At ECCHR Marek Schovánek presents baked quotations relating to the organization’s work. He will also exhibit »Paintings Made of Cookies«, ironic interpretations of works by the Old Masters.

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