ECCHR - A Hub for Human Rights Lawyering

Berlin serves as a passionate hub where ECCHR’s community of partners, including lawyers of the Bertha Justice Initiative and ECCHR’s growing network of alumni, reflect together on the purpose and challenges of pursuing social justice, as well as the political and personal meanings of “human rights lawyering”.

Women. Radical. Lawyers

In October 2014 ECCHR and the Bertha Foundation hosted a group of 15 exceptional female human rights lawyers from nine countries across five continents. The group discussed the challenges they face as lawyers in a patriarchal, capitalist and racist society. A 10 minute film was made by ECCHR alumnus Christopher Patz to mark International Women’s Day and gives an insight into how these women go about achieving their goals.

Pushing the Boundaries of the Law - Interview with Peter Weiss

Peter Weiss is an American attorney, for many years a Vice president of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) in New York, and a member of ECCHR Advisory Board. During Weiss' visit to Berlin in October 2016 ECCHR asked him how he helped CCR discover and make the innovative first use of the Claims Act in the United States in the 1970’s, paving the way for foreigners present in the US to answer for international grave crimes before civil courts.
The case that Peter and his CCR colleague Rhonda Copelon litigated and won in 1980, Filártiga v. Peña-Irala, against a Paraguayan former officer for the torture to death of a young man in Paraguay, remains one of the most cited landmark human rights judgment cited worldwide.

Michael Ratner and ECCHR

In 2016, ECCHR organized a colloquium entitled "Challenging the powerful with legal means" which honored Michael Ratner, ECCHR’s co-founder and former chairman, and reflected on our current struggles for human rights and social justice in today’s globalized and capitalist-driven societies. A series of videos documents this conference.