Partner Lawyers

Our partners on site

In our cases we cooperate with multiple partners. Among them are several lawyers who are admitted in the respective jurisdictions.

Stefano Bertone
Lawyer, Liability Law
Ambrosio & Commodo
Turin, Italy
Jean-Pierre Bellecave, Carlos Villacorta
Lawyers, Liability Law
Bordeaux, France / Madrid, Spain
Marco Bona
Lawyer, Liability Law
Turin, Italy
Marcel Bosonnet
Criminal Attorney
Bosonnet and Wick
Zurich, Switzerland
William Bourdon, Apolline Cagnat
Cabinet Bourdon & Forestier
Paris, France
Michael Burkard
Lawyer, criminal law, Forensic Risk Assessment and Constitutional Rights
Advokatur Burkard
Bern, Switzerland
Gonzalo Boye, Isabel Elbal

Criminal Law and Human Rights
Boye-Elbal & Asociados, S.L.P.
Madrid, Spain
Martin Hablützel, David Husmann
Lawyers, Compensation Law
Zurich, Switzerland
Sara Hossain
Bangladeshi Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST)
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. Karl-Ludwig Kunz
Professor of criminal law
University Bern
Bern, Switzerland
Dr. Remo Klinger
Attorney, Administration, Environmental,
Construction and Planning Law
Geulen & Klinger Rechtsanwälte
Berlin, Germany

Nadja Lorenz
Attorney specializing in the Rights of Foreigners,
Asylum Law and Criminal Law
Vienna, Austria
Dieter Magsam
Hamburg, Germany
Christophe Marchand
Attorney, Criminal Law and
International Criminal Law
Brussels, Belgium
Karim Popal
Attorney focusing on Administration Law, Immigration Law,
Contract Law, International Civil Law and Criminal Law
Anwaltskanzlei Popal
Bremen, Germany

Petra Isabel Schlagenhauf
Attorney, Criminal Law
Berlin, Germany
Faisal Siddiqi
Lawyer, Commercial Law
Karachi, Pakistan

Rodolfo Yanzón
Criminal Attorney
Buenos Aires, Argentina