Child Labor and the Responsibility of Western Actors: Seven films from the High Level Hearing on Uzbekistan

25 April 2012 “We should never abandon the people of Uzbekistan because they deserve much better than what they have now under this repressive regime” was the message of Theo van Boven, former UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, to the high level hearing “From the Uzbek Cotton Fields to the Termez Military Base”, March 1, 2012 in Berlin. Prominent experts participated in the hearing to discuss Uzbekistan’s state-sponsored forced child labor in the cotton production and the relationship with the West. ECCHR organized the hearing with the support of the German-Uzbek Forum for Human Rights, Anti-Slavery International, Human Rights Watch, Uzbekistan Press Freedom Group, terres des hommes, and Eurasian Transition Group, and presents video highlights of the experts testimonies. The seven short films were realized by ecofilm sustainable film production.

The State of Human Rights in Uzbekistan

State-sponsored child labor in the Uzbek cotton fields

The responsibility of economic actors

The role of Germany and the EU

Termez, NATO, and conflict of democratic values

Karimov regime: The "world's largest family-owned business"

What should the West do?