The distribution of Paraquat: Does Syngenta respect human rights?

Legal Opinion, December 2011

By Robert Grabosch

Together with the Berne Declaration, ECCHR has published a study on the responsibility of Syngenta for cases of intoxication caused by Paraquat, a pesticide produced by the corporation. The author of the study, Robert Grabosch, investigates the extent of Syngenta's responsibility according to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This is the first time the principles have been applied in this way.

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ECCHR supports the victims of corporate injustice before the US Supreme Court

Legal Opinion, July/December 2011


In 2011 ECCHR submitted two Amicus Briefs to the US Supreme Court in conjunction with the Center for Constitutional Rights (USA), other partner organizations and two international experts. The Supreme Court has been called upon by the claimants in the so-called Kiobel case to judge whether the Alien Torts Claims Act (ATCA) can be applied to corporations as legal persons under private law.

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The responsibility to investigate international crimes

Expert Opinion, February 2010

By Prof. Florian Jeßberger

ECCHR submitted in February 2010 an expert opinion on concurrent criminal jurisdictions under international law in a Spanish case. The opinion was written by ECCHR and its advisory board member Professor Dr. Florian Jeßberger. Spanish courts argued they were not competent to open investigations into international crimes committed in Gaza, because investigations were already opened by local authorities.

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Reparation Claim against Germany before Polish Supreme Court

Expert Opinion, October 2010

By Andreas Fischer-Lescano

26.10.2010 Polish lawyers submitted an expert opinion written by Professor Andreas Fischer-Lescano on request by ECCHR to the Polish Supreme Court. In the expert opinion, Professor Fischer-Lescano (University of Bremen and Director of the Centre of European Laws and Politics) analyzes the question of exceptions to state immunity before foreign courts in the case of serious human rights violations.

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Border Controls at Sea: Requirements under International Rights and Refugee Law

Legal Opinion, September 2007

By Dr. Andreas Fischer-Lescano and Dr. Tillmann Löhr

Europe is fencing itself in using illegal means against refugees and immigrants. The EU agency FRONTEX has designed a defence that clearly violates the human and refugee rights obligations of all EU countries. Amnesty International, the Foundation Pro Asyl and the German Human Rights Forum requested an evaluation of the current situation from ECCHR, which was presented on 27 September 2007, the National Day of Refugees.

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