Supporting Civil Society under Pressure

Lessons from natural resource exploitation

E-paper by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (ed.) and ECCHR

June 2017

Civil society is under pressure worldwide. This is also true for civil society organisations and activists who are protesting against land grabs and environmental degradation; who are standing up for a just utilization of resources and demanding the right to have a say in the matter.


The paper "Supporting civil society under pressure – lessons from natural resource exploitation"  is designed to uncover common patterns and dynamics of restrictions on and coping strategies adopted by civil society actors in the specific context of natural resource exploitation.


The study was authored by Dr. Carolijn Terwindt and Christian Schliemann from the ECCHR's business and human rights department and published by the Heinrich-Böll Stiftung.
Table of contents:
Shrinking space and natural resource governance
Pressures on communities and organizations advocating for sustainable natural resource governance
The business nexus of restrictions
Response strategies to counter restrictions
Shrinking space for consultations about natural resource governance

Supporting civil society under pressure – lessons from natural resource exploitation

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