Chechnya - Sexualized violence - Kadyrov

Impunity for violence against women in Chechnya

Chechnya - Sexualized violence - Kadyrov

Impunity for violence against women in Chechnya


On 31 October 2012, ECCHR and Human Rights Watch submitted a joint report to the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Ms Rashida Manjoo, for her annual report 2013 on the "State responsibility for eliminating violence against women."

In the submission the two organizations provided information regarding the de-facto impunity afforded to perpetrators of violence against women in Chechnya and remark that the Russian Federation has violated and continues to violate, the concept of due diligence in respect of its obligations arising from international and regional human rights law. The Russian Federation fails to investigate, prosecute and punish serious violations of women's human rights, particularly in response of allegations of violence regarding adherence to a campaign to enforce an Islamic dress code.


Ramzan Kadyrov officially resumed office in 2007 as head of the Russian republic Chechnya in North Caucasus. The Republic suffers from two armed conflicts against Russia, in which several thousand people were killed and numerous cities and villages were destroyed.

The recon­struction processes under Kadyrov, however, his security forces and special units promote a constant threat and climate of fear among the local population. There is no opposition within the Republic and any attempts of opposition abroad are being persecuted. Several incidents of murder and abductions are reported as well as torture including acts by Kadyrov personally. The climate of fear and total impunity for regime forces reins the Republic and is spreading to neighbouring regions.

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Sexualized violence refers to aggressive acts with a gender/sexual element carried out without the consent of the victim.
UN Special Rapporteurs are appointed by the UN to work on a specific mandate.