Factory Fire in Pakistan: Criminal investigations into RINA in Italy

The Baldia Factory Affectees Association today is involved in the criminal proceedings against the owners of the Ali Enterprises factory in Pakistan and has also initiated legal proceedings against the audit company RINA Services S.p.A. in Italy and the preparation of related civil suits, where it is represented by Italian lawyers Stefano Bertone and Marco Bona from Turin.
In 2014 Bona and Bertone submitted a report on the factory fire and the role of RINA to the Italian state prosecutor in Turin. The prosecutor opened criminal investigations (case number 1003/16/45) into the matter and ordered an independent assessment by fire experts. In early 2016, the case was transferred to the prosecutor in Genova because RINA’s headquarters are located there.
In March 2016, ECCHR sent a letter to the prosecutor’s offices (Procura della Repubblica of Genova), emphasizing the state duty to uphold human rights. ECCHR highlighted the importance of the criminal investigation in Genova to clarify the role and responsibility of RINA for issuing the SA8000 certificate and failing to note obvious shortcomings in fire safety measures and the high risk for the health and safety of the workers at Ali Enterprises.

Case Report: RINA certifies safety before factory fire in Pakistan

Rina_Pakistan_CaseReport.pdf (376.4 KiB)

RINA/Ali Enterprises: Letter to Prosecutor in Genva

Letter_Procura_Genova_Rina_AliEnterprises_Pakistan_2016March.pdf (760.1 KiB)

Globalization of industry – privatization of monitoring? (Policy Paper)

KiK_Pakistan_PolicyPaper_supply chains.pdf (343.9 KiB)

Documents in Urdu

علی انٹرپرائزز اور رینا کے کیس کا خلاصہ

Case Summary RINA Urdu.pdf (1.1 MiB)

کک کیس کی رپورٹ

KiK Pakistan Case Report Urdu.pdf (536.2 KiB)


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