Council Members

Lotte Leicht (Chairwoman)

Lotte Leicht

is Human Rights Watch’s EU Advocacy Director and Director of the organization’s Brussels Office, responsible for strategic advocacy vis-à-vis European governments, the European Union and other international and regional inter-governmental organizations since 1994. She has conducted numerous investigations into, and written reports about, human rights and humanitarian law violations in conflict zones around the world. Lotte Leicht has published articles in various newspapers and magazines. She is co-editor of the book "Monitoring Human Rights in Europe: Comparing International Standards and Mechanisms". Besides she teaches international humanitarian law and is member of several advisory boards such as the Advisory Board of the European Inter – University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisationa and the Advisory Board of the North-South Committee of the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Berlin.

Tobias Singelnstein (Vice Chairman)

Tobias Singelnstein is Professor of Law at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum where he holds the chair of Criminology. His work focuses in Criminology in change of social control, police and justice and financial crimes as well as in Criminal Law and Procedural Law (inter alia malpractice, criminal investigations and rules of evidence, data processing in criminal proceedings). He published several books and many articles on these topics. He is a co-editor of the Journals „Neue Kriminalpolitik“ and „Kriminologisches Journal“.


Dieter Hummel (Council Member)

Dieter Hummel
Dieter Hummel is a leading labour lawyer in Germany. He is part of a national network of prominent labour lawyers who are advising trade unions and defending social and labour rights on a legal and advocacy level. Hummel has written several books and articles on labour rights, trade unions, and social rights. As the long-time president of the German Democratic Jurists, he also works in the area of national security and human rights and civil liberties.