Chechnya - Repression - LGBTQ

Persecution of LGBTQ in Chechnya

NGOs file criminal complaint in Germany

Since 2017, more than 150 LGBTQ have been violently persecuted, imprisoned, humiliated and tortured in Chechnya. The persecution of LGBTQ * in Chechnya can be considered as a crime against humanity. Therefore, ECCHR and the Russian LGBTQ Network/Sphere Foundation filed a criminal complaint in February 2021 with the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office. The organizations demand Germany to launch investigations and issue arrest warrants against the perpetrators.


ECCHR 2020 Annual Report

2020 was not an easy year. But still, we at ECCHR can look back not only at the challenges of the past months but also on a series of successes. We appreciate if you find the time to read our annual report to discover what we have achieved in 2020 – thanks to manifold support.

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Art - Human rights - Conversations


ECCHR EXPLORE is an interactive platform that playfully inspires us to dive into different discourses around the arts and human rights. Together with the designers and data scientists from metasphere, ECCHR has developed EXPLORE, which makes podcasts and event streams both audible and readable.

Syria - Torture - Germany

Syria trial in Germany

Verdict in Eyad A’s case | Update of charges against Anwar R

In the al-Khatib trial, the Koblenz Higher Regional Court on 24 February sentenced Eyad A to four years and six months in prison for aiding and abetting 30 cases of crimes against humanity. This is the first time a former member of the Syrian intelligence services has been convicted of a crime under international law. In addition, the court decided on 17 March to extend the charges in Anwar R’s case: sexual violence will now be treated as a crime against humanity and not – as before – as individual cases.

China - Forced labor - Uyghurs

French firms profit from forced labor

Hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs are forced to work in Chinese factories, also to profit French firms like Uniqlo and Zara. Therefore, on 12 April, French NGOs and an affected person, supported by ECCHR, submitted a complaint in Paris. The forced labor of the Uyghur minority may qualify as a crime against humanity. But this is not only a problem related to French companies. The garment industry in many European countries makes money from the systematic exploitation of the Uyghurs.


The struggle for a COVID-19 vaccine

Social human rights have priority over intellectual property

The global human right to health must trump intellectual property protection. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called potential COVID-19 vaccines a global common good. But the German government still disregards its international human rights obligations. In its new statement, ECCHR argues that globally applicable human rights standards must inform German politics – not pharmaceutical companies’ profit interests or a selfish “first come first serve” mentality that only benefits one’s own population.