Using the law. For a world free from torture, exploitation and fortressed borders.

Together with our global network, we enforce human rights and make injustice visible. In court and society.

Together for global justice: Our current cases

First criminal trial worldwide on torture in Syria

The first trial worldwide on state torture in Syria started in Germany in April 2020. We support Syrian torture survivors who are joint plaintiffs. The proceedings have global significance: they are the first step towards systematically addressing the Assad regime’s crimes. We currently expect a verdict in Anwar R’s case in December 2021.

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Human rights at Europe’s external borders

For a new approach to European refugee policy: Germany can take the lead in the protection of human rights at the EU’s external borders. The new government must work to ensure safe and legal migration routes, as well as a European sea rescue system.

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We seek justice for – and with – those around the world who are affected by torture, exploitation and fortressed borders.

ECCHR is a non-profit organization. One hundred percent of our budget comes from donations and grants. Help put an end to impunity for human rights violations!

Lafarge’s dirty business in Syria

The Lafarge/Syria case remains a milestone in the fight against corporate impunity. In September 2021, the French Supreme Court decided that Lafarge could also be indicted for crimes against humanity – a historic step

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Anti-government protests in Belarus

Since the disputed presidential elections in Belarus in August 2020, thousands of citizens have demonstrated across the country, and the government has responded with a violent crackdown to suppress the protests. However, Germany can take action in accordance with the principle of universal jurisdiction, which is why we, together with our partners, filed a criminal complaint in Karlsruhe.

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ECCHR in the media

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Fighting for human rights – not only in court

ECCHR’s human rights work encompasses much more than the mere application of applicable law. We want to break up unjust power relationships, initiate social and political debates, and thus contribute to social justice worldwide.

  • Cooperating with universities
  • Educating and training human rights lawyers
  • Cooperating with civil society actors and artists
  • Exchanging with transnational networks

ECCHR is one of the only institutions in Europe reshaping what we think of law and accountability.

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